Acer Ferrari 5000 - How to replace RTC / CMOS battery

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RTC ( Real Time Clock ) battery, also known as CMOS battery, is an important part of every laptop. It helps to retain the system date and time when the laptop is off as well as important BIOS settings and configuration. In most cases the computer can not even boot without this battery and if it boots we have to reset all BIOS from scratch. And as any battery RTC / CMOS battery has certain life span.

In the "Ferrari 5000 Service Guide" we see several error messages during boot process due to dead or bad RTC / CMOS battery. Then it is time to replace it.

Instructions to replace RTC / CMOS battery on Ferrari 5000 laptop

Please, follow "Acer Ferrari 5000 - How to replace cooling fan" to the very end when you have your main board out and turned upside down.

The RTC / CMOS battery is stuck to the main board with kind of glue and can be pealed from the board using your finger nails

Detach the RTC / CMOS battery

Disconnect RTC battery cable and detach the battery from the main board

Disconnect RTC battery cable

Put the new battery on place, connect the battery cable and reverse the procedure for assembling your laptop.

That's it!

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