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Blue Springs Park near High Springs, Florida

The beautiful Blue Springs Park is located in North-Central Florida on Santa Fe river, near the small town of High Springs

This water park is a perfect place for recreation in healthy beautiful nature - ideal combination of fresh air, lush wild vegetation and the most precious water directly from the original source.

Blue Springs Park

Blue Spring is a beautiful blue color 24 feet deep pool with cool crystal pure water.

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Blue Spring water fun crystal clear water

From the diving dock water lovers jump again and again into the deep spring vent. Kids and adult are having fun together.

white sand beach kids playing on the small beach the diving dock

On the site the water is shallow and washes the white sand beach - perfect for babies and kids to play or for sunbathing.

blue water and green forest pure spring water Blue Springs

Other water activities are tubing, canoeing or kayaking into the run out to the Santa Fe River.

blue springs run Blue Springs water vegetation

Another activity is walking the quarter-mile long Boardwalk along the spring run out to the river.The crystal clean water is full of vegetation and fish. Fishing is allowed at the end of the boardwalk at the river

Blue Springs Park another spring green forest park

Hiking trails in the beautiful green forest throughout the well maintained Blue Springs Park offer an exciting chance to explore nature. Picnic with friends or the hole family under the shade in hot summer day and camping near the forest would complement a weekend of recreation in the heart of the nature.

Hiking Trail in Blue Springs Park

For more info, please visit Blue Springs web site

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