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Merry Christmas glitter animation

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To create glitter images with GIMP we need glitter patterns:

red glitter green glitter silver glitter gold glitter pink glitter purple glitter

Save the images above in your GIMP patterns folder

Now open GIMP, click File and choose - New

Create a New Image window opens

You write the size 640x120 or the size you want
then you click Advanced Options on the same window and choose Fill with - Transparency

Create a New Image New Image

Now we need the Text tool - click the button

Text tool

Select the Font, Size and Color for the text

Font, Size and Color

then click inside the transparent image -
and you have the GIMP Text Editor where you write your text

GIMP text

My text is
Merry Christmas


You can ajast the size or move the text to the middle with the Move tool

GIMP text

This is a 2-layer-image

Now you do three important steps

  1. Edit - Copy
  2. Layer - Delete Layer
  3. Edit - Paste

We have a different 2-layer-image where we can fill with glitter

different 2-layer-image

From the Gimp tools you click the Patterns button:

active pattern button

and from the Patterns window you choose the glitter pattern you want

Patterns window

Then from the menu of the image you do

  • Edit - Fill with Pattern and
  • Layer - Anchor Layer

You already have the first layer of the animated glitter text image

Now we do the second layer
Click Layer - New Layer from the image menu and choose Transparency type then OK

New Layer

We have 2 layer again and we do Edit - Paste
to paste the text to the second layer

Now we choose another glitter pattern to fill the text

glitter pattern

and we do again

  • Edit - Fill with Pattern and
  • Layer - Anchor Layer

Our image has 2 layers with different glitter text


The same way you can add another layer and fill with third glitter pattern - then you have 3-layer-animated image

We crop the image with the Crop tool:

Crop tool

Now we have to save the image as animation

From the image File menu we click Save as and we name our file as a gif image in that case - "marry-christmas-animated.gif"
and click Save


then it will ask to Export and we choose the option: Save as Animation then click Export

Save as animation

now it will ask GIF options and we write the Delay between frames 300 ms
and click Save

GIF Options

Our Merry Christmas glitter animation is done and we go to see it in the folder where we just have saved it:

Merry Christmas

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