How to make rainbow cliparts and
rainbow animations with GIMP

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Tutorial with pictures and detailed explanations

Happy New Year rainbow clip and Happy New Year animation clip

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In GIMP, open the File menu and click - New

File - New

Create a New Image window opens

Adjust Width - 640 and Height - 120 or the size you want
then you click Advanced Options on the same window and choose Fill with - Transparency

Create a New Image

This is your image transparent background:

New Image

Now click the Text tool button

Text tool

Then choose Font -
Glitter Font, Size - 52 and change the color from black to more pleasant one

Glitter Font

Now click inside the image and you have the GIMP Text Editor where you write your text with BIG letters:


(we selected big caps because in this font the small caps don't have star decoration)

GIMP text

This is a 2-layer-image

Now you do three important steps

  1. Edit - Copy
  2. Layer - Delete Layer
  3. Edit - Paste
2layer image

Now you can fill the text with rainbow colors

Activate the Blend Tool

Blend Tool

Choose a rainbow Gradient - Full saturation Spectrum CCW
and the Shape - Spiral


Click inside the image and draw a vertical line as shown on the picture:

Blend tool in use

If you are not happy with the result do Edit-> Undo and try again

You have the first rainbow image

rainbow first layer

Now do Layer -> Anchor Layer

Anchor Layer

You can save the image as a clipart. Click File -> Save as and save it as "png" - happy-new-year-rainbow-clip.png
HAPPY NEW YEAR rainbow clip

Or you may want to make an animation. Then add a new layer - Layer -> New Layer and then OK

New Layer

Now do Edit -> Paste to paste the text to the second layer

Second Layer

Change the gradient to Reverse by clicking the shown arrow:

Gradient Reverse

Use the Blend tool again just the same way as you did with the first text layer (draw vertical line)

Then do Layer -> Anchor and the 2-layer-image is done


You have to save the clip as animated "gif" image:

Save as animation

Increase the Delay between frames to 300 ms and click Save

GIF Options

It is time to enjoy the vivid rainbow beauty
happy new year - animation

Happy New Year - animation clip

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