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Death of a loved one – reality and reactions

If something happens for sure in our lives, that is to “die”. This makes death one of the most important topics people need to know about, yet one of the most avoided by all. Lack of true knowledge about death leads to wrong attitude and behavior and has great impact on our spiritual development. Knowing about death and life beyond death, however, will certainly help to set priorities in our lives. As caregiver and nursing assistant I have been many times with dying people, but here is my experience with member of my family.

In the summer of 2005 our younger daughter “died” from leukemia: peacefully, without pain, without pain killers and complications. Last was result of the true spiritual techniques God Yoga and Kriya Yoga, that she practiced and which helped her to open for God and his love and be prepared to spiritually progress after dropping her body. Later, when I had already known that she reached her final destination in God, I have had multiple contacts with her: experiences filled with love. She has been coming to me to just love me and help me to dissolve any bad memories from the past. At that time, as part of my job, I was meeting many people and some were asking me about my family situation: “am I married?”; “how many children?”; and all sort of similar questions. And my answer always was: “I have two daughters – one in Florida and one in Heaven”. With no exception, people’s reaction was: “I am sorry”. And I always tried to turn their attention to the fact that my daughter is in Heaven and there is no single reason to be sorry. Contrary, it is a reason to be happy.

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Many people believe in God or Jesus, talk about God, pray to God and hope one day to reach God, although we can not see Him and most do not even feel His presence. Common sense, or simple logic, is that God’s world of Love is beyond this planet and beyond physical existence. Then, how in the heaven do people expect to move toward God without dropping their bodies first and passing the door of death? And why is there sorrow for someone who has already done it? The opposite: there is but happiness. Most of the time when I type die, I put it in quotes since in reality no one actually dies. The relation between physical body and human being is similar to the relation between car and driver. Car becomes alive only when the driver gets in. And no one mourns and makes expensive funerals when the car is dead.

Most people’s reactions on death show how far from true spirituality mankind still is. Following wrong teachings and dead books creates also wrong attitude toward death. As a result we are not prepared to enjoy one of the most loving experiences, which death is, and progress further spiritually. True spiritual practice, such as Kriya Yoga, will help to dissolve our blockages and dispel wrong knowledge until our perception get raised beyond physical sphere. Once we start feeling God’s presence in our lives all beliefs disappear, replaced by distinct experiences. Then we may find out that happiness and death are in direct relationship.

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