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Everybody can experience God’s presence

This happened just before Christmas 2012. One day, in my Facebook page, I found a message from a guy who was asking for permission to visit me and talk to me. He wrote that he just read one of my articles and was deeply touched: unknown feeling arose from within. And this uplifting feeling is still alive. He referred to my earlier publication about Kriya Yoga as a life style choice, where I put the accent on Love as the most important part and driving force for success, and added few examples from my own life. I gave him my address and a few days later he arrived at my place.

We sat down at the table and he started with his life story. He said that he got initiation to Kriya Yoga 15 years ago ( he was my age – 55 ) and practiced for a while, then stopped and started again later. But he had no sensible progress or improvements in his life. And when he read my article, he instantly realized the truth about love – his heart suddenly opened and he got thrilled with joy. We talked a little more about his life and his beliefs and he shared that God is something beyond his mind, his thoughts and imaginations, something beyond real life. Then I told him about my life and how I started feeling God’s presence and his guidance and some stories from my life. Suddenly I said something, that I believe in with all my being. I stated before him “Everybody can experience God’s presence if he sincerely wants so.”. I have not finished speaking yet when all around turned into bright light, as if sun came down into the room. We remained silent for a while to enjoy God’s blessing. I did not ask my guest, after that, what he felt because every person’s perception is individual, but he confessed that he never experienced something similar in his entire life.

One more proof about God’s omnipresence and that he is constantly watching and listening to all of us. I am sure such happenings have greater impact on people’s lives than all books on this planet.

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