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How To Get Out Of Troubles In Life – How To Stay Out Of Troubles In Life

Never trust junkies or other drug addicts or drug users and alcoholics


– there is NO easy drug induced way to God

– LOVE is the only key to God.

Junkies try to ESCAPE their karma and lessons and work instead of FACING ALL like real men and fix what needs to be fixed or dissolved in LOVE.

Eventually a junky may betray or even SELL their own woman or children or best friends or country or anyone else just for another shot.

Drugs and alcohol of ALL and ANY kind make weak:

too weak to be trustworthy

too weak to be willing to die for God

too weak to stand up for the truth even at the risk of being killed

too weak to work until job done as perfect as can be at any time in life

too weak to be a pillar or stronghold of human society in peril

too weak to be counted on when helpers or rescuers needed in times of distress or disaster

Junkies and other addicts will do just anything to get some more life force: lie, betray, make empty promises and much more to gain your trust.

Trust however needs to be gained by actions over thousands of years – some have many past trustworthy incarnations serving God, others have NONE at all and still all work to be done in the future.

ALL have one final option: to ask God for mercy when the end of their life has come.

ALL can do one final love prayer “Dear God, please love me free”

Never trust humans in easy jobs, office or administration jobs or government jobs


All those who chose easy life, easy money jobs, easy work are lazy=stingy and weak; too weak to be trustworthy, able to perform truly important work when you REALLY need someone with helping hands or helping mind in life or during your work FOR GOD.


If ever you need helpers, choose among hard working ones, who CARE, like medical care, rescue teams, humanitarian workers, farmers, construction workers and the likes. Chose among those who were moving thousands of metric tons. walking any distance, working any job, dirty, dangerous or hard, to serve mankind’s most BASIC NEEDS.

those feeding mankind

those caring for all

those providing water and shelter for others

those having given their life to God and God’s cause to bring ALL home

STAY out of legal battles,

stay out of politics

stay out of business

all such is for ego only

God is Love

= no legal stuff

= no domination of others

= no profits at expense of others

Just love and loving work for ALL, for the mutual benefit of ALL creation humans and OTHER beings, including nature.

Stay within your own limits

– always do all the important work by yourself

– always have all your important work and tools with you, on your body or in your travel bag

– always be in full control of all important work and steps

– always pay in advance any service needed to accomplish all your task or true value

– always communicate with God above all

– always keep your intuition CLEAN and CLEAR no matter what efforts needed

– always accept full eternal responsibility for all your work=NO Inc. Ltd, NO GmbH. NO private Ltd, etc – just a one person or one family work with full responsibility and full liability

Finally, the only one single human person you may trust when it really counts is YOU, if YOU know that you have expanded your own limits beyond human limits.

That trust in yourself only is possible

if you KNOW from real life experience in THIS lifetime: that you can kick butt to yourself to achieve whatever needs to be done and if you have done exceptional physical work; that you can walk whatever distance needed on your own feet; that you can do with your own skills whatever is important to achieve success.

If YOU know that your connection with God is clean and pure and active all times.

If YOU know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect God’s creation, including to die for God, to give ALL for God, to love God above all.

Keep ALL your life and work simple and easy to control, easy to adjust, easy and instantly to correct if you drift from goal.

Be ready to lose all to regain freedom to do the right thing making others and your own heart and soul happy.

Always listen to your heart

If it feels bad, it IS bad,

If it feels wrong, it IS wrong.

Stay away from any extremism,

stay away from any fanaticism.

Stay away from power positions,

stay away from wealth,

just have enough with you for your God and Love oriented work

your true and lasting values always need to be INSIDE your heart and soul untouchable by others.

The path of love is in the golden path in the middle – a path ALL can go with peaceful mind, with loving heart and a happy soul.

Stay away from any kind of recreational games that create winners or losers. The path of love only creates winners.

Learn and practice spiritual communication. Spiritual communication only works between you and God and later between you and sincerely loving ones.

In spiritual communication

– NO spying possible

– NO hacking possible

– NO censorship possible

– NO manipulation nor interference by OTHERS possible

Spiritual communication is blessed by God.

Always pray to God only and only accept help from God or truly God sent ones.

Never criminalize NOR legalize wrong doing, never fight nor support nor suppress wrong doing, keep loving all and stay out of other people’s life and experiences unless asked to help

Remind people of the RIGHT path, without condemning their wrong actions, to give people a chance for change ALL by themselves.

Changes to the good never can be imposed nor enforced

peace never can be enforced

love never can be enforced

it all has to mature from within each and every being,

human, animal and other beings alike.

To be of eternally lasting nature, all changes need to come from WITHIN each and every being.

For many this may take Billions of human years


compared to eternal freedom in God’s world of love

even Trillions of years may lastly feel but like one short nightmare

resulting in most loving beings

made to the image of God

made to love

made of love

to love all

to forgive all

to reconcile with all

to be ONE family of love WITH ALL for all eternity

with ONE home

our true and only home in God.

God never judges.

God never condemns.

God only loves.

God always gives

freedom to experience,

freedom to feel,

freedom to correct when it feels wrong,

freedom to forgive self

freedom to completely change within a single moment in eternal time.

Hence, the very moment a person has changed to a loving being all his past has vanished.

only mortal humans keep refreshing OLD mistakes

only mortal humans keep retaliating or punishing, what might be long time dissolved in love, forgiven in love

God made men, God made women

Anything else like homosexuality, trans-sexuality, etc. is made by mortal humans in an attempt to escape MOST essential spiritual lessons to accept self as is.

Look into a mirror at your body:

You either have a male anatomy and thus are MAN


you have a female anatomy and are a woman.

Men are made to love women

to make women happy

and to be enjoyed by women.

Women are made to love men

to make men happy.

Mutual children are gifts from God and God always to be God father to all children. Hence always present all your children to God to make God the only true home for all your children. Then and only then can all your children feel safe and feel at home in God.

For now on earth

many children never presented to God

hence many mortal humans have

– NO experience of God

– NO memories of God

because most of humans on earth NEVER ever have been at home in God,
but God has adopted in his infinitely loving heart ALL mankind

even those who never pray

even those who reject God due to lack of knowledge or lack of experience

even those who hurt others

even those who committed crimes according to mortal human rules and laws.

There is ONE God for all creation

for all stars

for all universes

visible to human eyes and beyond

That ONE God loves all

God loves you

God loves your enemies alike

God loves your EX

God loves all your children, even junkies or soldiers of fortune

God loves all your neighbors, all your friends, all your competitors

Start loving all like God and start to feel and behave here and now on earth like a member of ONE family of love.

On wrong path all steps are wrong

Sometimes you start wrong business, marriage with wrong person, wrong travel or other adventure in life.

As soon as you are aware, change ALL. Divorce, go bankruptcy or dissolve wrong business, accept full responsibility for your own wrong decisions, then restart all from scratch. Divorce peacefully without any financial settlements. Share all debts and all assets upon divorce and give freedom, part as friends rather than revenging enemies.

If in wrong job or wrong industry, leave wrong path and restart from scratch on a path of love, in a loving industry, even if it means starting from zero all the way again.

Patching and repairing damages on wrong path still maintains wrong path, just as the bailout of wrong money oriented industries on our planet will keep all wrong alive, at the expense of all humans, with an even greater collapse to come later on.

Be ready to drop all wrong in life, no matter the price, then restart all from scratch, no matter the efforts.

On path of love ALL life, all work is much more efficient and much more successful than any repairing and patching and bailout on wrong path of life.

Your greatest financial loss in life, may ultimately turn out into your greatest blessing in your life on your final trip HOME to God.

Instead of fighting the wrong or “bad”, support God and Love.
Love above all in absolutely all situations of life

Love and only love is the ONLY solution to all problems on earth and beyond for all eternity.

God is Love

Pray to God: “Dear God, please love me free”

And God’s love shall set you free as soon as you drop any retaliation, any revenge, any punishment.

Love all

forgive all

reconcile with all

pray to God only

and return home to God on a path of love, in a life of love.

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