How to use Alcatel X220L 3G USB modem with openSUSE Linux

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Recently I purchased Alcatel X220L 3G USB modem, which was supposed to work under Linux OS according to my provider. After hours of fruitless efforts to make it work, I searched the web and found something really amazing: Sakis3G All-in-one script.This is a shell script, which is supposed to work out of the box for any linux distribution and any 3G USB modem without special driver installation. And it does. Below is the way I got my Alcatel X220L working with openSuSE 11.4 Linux OS.

First of all, some preparation to successfully connect you computer with Sakis3G script:

  1. Please, disable any user controlled network management like Networkmanager for KDE or Gnome or any other
    for openSUSE 11.4 go to YAST -> Network Devices -> Network Settings -> Global Options and set it to "Traditional Method with ifup"

  2. download Sakis3G script for your platform and extract it in a directory of your choice - in my case /home

  3. make the script executable
    Open terminal and type
  4. chmod 755 /home/sakis3g

  5. get all the necessary information from your provider: APN, "user name" and "password"
    the script may detect your operator settings as it did in my case

Now is time to start the script. I am giving you the best, in my opinion, choice to do it, but you may use other options as well:

In the open terminal type

/home/sakis3g --interactive "connect"

Please, note the full path to your script in the command line

hit "Enter"

for me it is choice #1, "Enter"

type your provider user name and "Enter"

type your provider password and "Enter"

you are done!

If you want to explore any other options type in terminal

/home/sakis3g --help


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