Please, give me back your love!

Bumping Heart

My Prayer to the Creator

I came to you
stiff of pride to bow,
blind of fear to see you,
numb of pain to feel you.

When I felt your love,
I wanted the ocean.
When I saw your light
I wanted the sun!

Into your love-ocean, I have ever been.
The light of your sun has ever shone!

But I was on my own

busy to create fears against your love,
busy to create darkness to hide your light,

busy to destroy all flowers,
you had grown on my soul garden.

Now I am a dry, dark desert
thirsty for your love,
blind for your light.

Where is the light?
Please, show me the ocean!
Give me back your light!
Give me back your love!
Please, give me back my heart!

I will grow flowers onto my own desert-
Flowers from your love,
Flowers from your light-
Beauty for my soul!

Dear God, i Love You!

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