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Beautiful tropical nature - green mountains, colorful flowers and gardens, volcanos, large lakes and islands, blue water lagoons and more interesting tourist attractions - pictures from our vacation.

Romantic city of Granada in Nicaragua - an ideal honeymoon vacation place - old times horse pulled carriage, historical buildings, early sunset, candlelight dining, cool evening breeze.
Visiting tourists can enjoy a boat trip around the cute isletas de Granada, climb up the steep hills of Volcano Mombacho or swim in clean blue waters of Laguna de Apoyo.

Romantic city of Granada

Volcano Mombacho Natural Reserve

Volcano Mombacho Natural Reserve is a unique place to experience. Walking the crater trail is an exiting exploration of a cloud forest - abundant green vegetation, unique species of flora and fauna - exotic flowers, birds, butterflies and you also something very extraordinary could be heard - howler monkeys.

Granada Islets - there are over 360 small islands - most of them covered with lush green vegetation. Some of the islets are big enough for just one family home others even smaller and not populated at all.

Granada Islets

Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo - clean blue water lagoon created many thousands of years ago in the crater of volcano Apoyo after its last erruption. It looks symply magnificent from atop of the green hills covering all around

Catarina is a mountain town that grows tropical flowers and plants for Central Nicaragua - lush green and blossoming family garden nurseries. And the famous Mirador de Catarina with magnificent panoramic view over Apoyo Lagoon.


Crafts market in Masaya

Masaya - famous shopping and craft center - one of the greatest market place in Central America attracts tourist for souvenirs shopping, handicrafts, folklore and natural parks.

Volcano Masaya - one of Nicaraguan active volcanoes constantly emitting smoke and sulfur gases trough its crater's vents

Volcano Masaya

Old Cathedral in Leon

León - historical city with architecturally interesting center - old, colonial houses, streets, monuments, and churches. León has more colonial churches and cathedrals per capita than any other place in Nicaragua

León's favorite weekend place Las Peñitas - fisherman village on the Pacific oceanside in Nicaragua - with large ocean beach with some beach resorts, popular for surfing and exploring the wildlife of Juan Venado island.

Las Peñitas

La Casita, Estelí

Estelí - a pleasant city in northern Nicaraguan mountains with lots of green tropical vegetation and beautiful gardens like La Casita, El Vivero and all the nature around - mountains and tropical gardens.

Nicaragua travel and vacation - some travel tips and information to help people going there, getting around and to encourage others to come and see this tropical paradise with loving and friendly people, happy families with kids enjoying freedom in nature.

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