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Blue lagoon in evergreen mountains

Blue lagoon in evergreen mountains

This clean and blue water lagoon has been created many thousands of years ago in the crater of volcano Apoyo after its last erruption. It looks symply magnificent from atop of the green hills covering all around.

Blue and green A nice mixture of blue and green

To get there from Granada one can use any of the busses, regular or express, from Granada to Masaya or Managua and get off at the sign "Laguna de Apoyo" on the highway. From there it is approximately 1.5 hrs walking or 10 minutes by taxi.

Green mountains The main road to Laguna de Apoyo

The highest point on the main road is also a bus stop ( there are regular busses from Masaya twice a day). Here, if you take the dirty road heading south, after a few km you reach the point where you see in front of you the city of Granada and all surroundings. The same road can bring you all the way down to the city.

Tropical mount greenery Downhill to the crater's edge

Great opportunities for hiking - hills around the lagoon are very steep. Be prepared for some adventures!
Blue water lagoon After searching for access for a while finally down to the clean blue water.
Looks really inviting :-)
Swimming in warm tropical lagoon Local people are having fun in the water.

The water is thermally vented and has very nice temperature for swimming and diving.
little nica house Small nica house on the edge of the lagoon.

These families are fortunate to live in paradise-like place.
Here you see kids happy smiling! happy nica kid

There is almost no beach on the bank and the access to the water is very limited. For this reason it is worth to use one of the several hostels which have water access and offer rooms for change, beach chairs, kayaks, snacks and drinks. In the hotel we stayed in Granada we found a leaflet from one of the hostels - Crater's Edge with shuttle service offer from Granada to their place and back to the city.

There are also a few small family restaurants on the bank with water access.

Have fun and enjoy the great environment!

Notes from our Nicaragua travel and vacation:

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