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Cloud Forest Mountain

Volcano Mombacho

Located only 10 km south of Granada, Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve is a unique place to experience. There are several different ecosystems in the 1345 m high mountain. The volcano is considered as dormant but there are few holes producing vapor all the time. The top of the mount has always a cloud hat even when all sky around clear. This environment creates the particular cloud forest.

One can get there by regular bus from Granada to Rivas or Nandaime for C$10. From the highway to the park entrance is about 2.0 km and choice is walking or tricycle.

Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve

The entrance of the reserve where you can get a ride to the top, hike the trails or visit the gardens.

There you can visit a butterfly garden (Mariposario) and orchidarium (Orquideario) if open.

From the park entrance to the top there are four trips a day (except Monday and Tuesday) starting at 8:45 am by 4x4 vehicles or big trucks depending on the number of visitors. Fee is C$190 per person.

Steep mountain road Steep mountain road

Waiting for the truck on the main road.
The steepness at this point is some 25%, other places even more.

The distance from the entrance to the Biological Station (altitude 1150 m) is only a bit more than 5 km on a paved very steep road - so the ride itself is kind of adventure.

Biological Station Biological Station

On the top of the hill we arrived at the Biological Station. In front of it is our transportation - you can only appreciate it and the driver's skills once you have done such trip.
Inside Biological Station is located the tourist center with lots of information, pictures and photos.

Here starts the trail around the volcano secondary crater (trail around the main crater is considered highly difficult and is allowed only with guide). One can hire a local guide at the station for the secondary crater trail for C$100 or do it on their own. Please note: at the time of our visit none of the park rangers spoke English and all the signtables around are in Spanish as well.

crater trail On the secondary crater trail

Walking the crater trail is an exiting exploration of a cloud forest - abundant green vegetation, unique species of flora and fauna, exotic flowers, birds, butterflies and you also something very extraordinary could be heard - howler monkeys.

tropical flowerbutterfly
Garden on the tree "El jardin en el arbol"
Garden on the tree - more than 30 different plants live together on a single tree.
Cloud forest Cloud forest

Thick tropical forest covers the inner walls of the crater.
crater trail The Crater's trail

A spectacular view opens from the top but it is clouded, remember it is a cloud forest. One can see Granada city and the big lake Cochibolca with the Islets.

spectacular view

The evergreen mountain of Mombacho definitely belongs to 'must see' sections of all tourist directories for Nicaragua Travel and Nicaragua Vacation.

We really love it!

Notes from our Nicaragua travel and vacation:

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