Happy angel

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Helping angel - Happy angel!

Helping angel - Happy angel

Dear Family and Beloved Dad

I am so happy today - I feel like an angel

I am working with one of the most difficult client but he is not difficult anymore - not for me. I feel so comfortable in his house and with all the care I give him as if he were my own grand father

but today is very special day for me!

I feel like flying, like dancing-

I don't feel I step on the ground and at the same time I enjoy every step - this is a magic feeling, because God is in my head and into my heart all day and night!!!

In the afternoon while I was doing manicure to my client I told him what happened yesterday and made me feel so happy:

I got an email from Bulgartia from the wife of my cousin - they wanted to contact us and I did a phone call to them immediately - his wife answered and I gave her my phone number.
In less then 1 hour my cousin called back.

I was so happy to hear him, I was dreaming for this moment since long time- I love him very much - we grew up together in the house of our grandma - in the warmth of her great loving heart! He is 8 years younger then me and I still remember his angel-baby face - blue eyes and blond curly hear and his cute, charming smile that he's never lost, going to all the pain and bitterness of being a baby without mom and dad, being an abandoned child by his own parents. But he had our Grandma and all her love and tenderness!

When he called I felt they were in need!

He said they are scheduled for visa interview at the Consulate of the USA in Sofia Bg - they want to immigrate to the States and they need $1 500 to pay for.
He asked me for a loan that would be paid back when he get his apartment sold!
He told me in Bg everything is even worse now and hard to find a regular job but his wife just started a new job - 12 hours shifts as a cashier for the monthly salary of about us$100.
I told him we have never had any savings and we have never given loans but we do give money away! Right now we did not have extra money but I asked him:

- Do you have any money at all, right now, today?

-Just about 20lv (=us$10) and a lot of bills to pay!

was his answer, and nobody could help even his own parents.

Georgi and I sent immediately to him us$200 via "Western Union".
Today he called back and said - they got the money and got a nice lunch- the three of them - his wife, him and their 5 year-old-baby-girl, who took the angel face of her father- same eyes, hair but the healthy look of a beloved child growing into the loving heart of her mom and dad in love!

They are the ONLY couple I know, whose love has grown stronger through the years!

He said also they are going to visit Grandma at our hometown (about 200 miles from them) and he said:

-You made us so happy but not only the three of us but also Grandma!

I was crying of happiness - I was so glad God gave me the chance
to feel His bliss of being a helping angel,
flying on the wings of LOVE -
my love, my husband's love, my cousin's love,...
everybody's love - Daddy's LOVE and GOD's LOVE!

with all my LOVE

March 26, 2003

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