Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Bumping Heart

It is Christmas time again - time when we are more open for love, forgiveness and reconciliation. Miracles of love are going on here and there and everywhere as the below example from my life shows.

I am back to the nursing field after a 2 year break for technical jobs. These days I work at a place I used to go some 3 years ago and stopped for a reason. Shortly, I could not get along with one of the employees there. The situation worsened so much, that finally I requested from my agency stop sending me there.

From the first minutes I came back here I thought that it would be nice if I meet that person again and do my best to reconcile with her. Because I felt there is still an open Spiritual lesson. One morning I saw her from aside leaving when I was coming to work - she was still working night shifts and me now only day shifts.

I know that God can make any arrangements if it is for the benefit of all and I asked him to give me a chance for reconciliation soon. And so it happened! The other day, after several hours kriya yoga session in the morning, I got a phone call from my agency in the late afternoon to work at the same nursing center.

She came 2 hours later in the same unit and after she saw me there, she stated in front of others "I know this man - I had troubles with him before ..."

I walked away silently and continued my job, because what I was feeling all the time since I got there was tremendous flow of love through my entire being. Nothing but love.

Work in a nursing center is above all a team work and if something goes wrong between workers there it affects just all. In this regard they usually separate the parties causing problems. But that time was already too late.

Few hours later she approached me and said: "I have to apologize - I was not right." "You do not have to" - i answered - "We all do mistakes in our lives, but they are always repairable if we reconcile and forgive each other."

This second all went back to normal - we were friends again.

Reconciliation and forgiveness - both within less than a minute.

One more proof for the power of LOVE.

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas

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