Bumping Heart

One night I worked in a nursing home that i had not been for a long time. I remembered it as a place with very nice and friendly staff working there. But a surprise was waiting for me ;-)).

The other nursing assistant for that night, working with me in the same unit, was a girl about 30 years of age. Since she was a regular employee there, she knew all the residents and the charge nurse told her to go with me through the rooms in my assignment and give me the information on the people. So she did. From the very beginning she looked as if i was guilty for all disasters ever happened to her- very unfriendly. That is how we started. And I told myself that it is going to be a silent night for me.

During my break I went out and for a while and coming back I met a girl from the same agency I work for. She was working in the next unit. We talked a few minutes smiling at each other. Then she told me that she has a baby 4 months old. I was surprised how could she leave her baby for 4-5 nights a week. So, I asked her:

"Who is taking care of your baby when you are out?"

and she proudly answered:

"My husband".

Then I hugged her shoulders and said:

"It is your job darling"

and went to my place.

In half an hour the two nurses, in charge for that night, and the girl I just talked to, came with very serious faces and told me that they want to talk to me privately. We all went to the conference room and there they asked me what I just said before the young mother. Because, as she complained, I named her "bad mother"; indirectly. I was told that I can not give my opinion to the others for it might be very offensive. I answered what I exactly said to the girl and that I was very surprised- a small baby needs "at least" breast feeding.
One of the nurses told me that she also has a small baby and breast milk can be pumped from mother and be given by the father when the mother is missing, so that the mother can keep working. And that it is not my job to tell people what to do.

This is very correct!! Sometime I play "a teacher" and I need such lessons. And reminders. I forget in what country I live- anybody here can easily sue me for .... with so many laws they will find for what ;-).

A few days later I met another young mother who just started her full time job with 2 month old baby. As she explained to others: "they have no other choice". This time i remained silent. If mothers put material wellbeing above their small babies it is their sole responsibility and not mine at all.

People here often use: "I have no other choice", just because they want too much.

Recently I was witness to a talk between my colleagues. One of the nurses said: "Oh my Gosh! Why some people have so much and me nothing?" And this was from a single person with annual income at least $40 000 (maybe much more)!!

And one more example:

Once I was talking to my co-workers sharing my experiences and my life style. When I mentioned that I go regularly to the Philippines for vacation one of the nurses exclaimed: "Oh, I can not afford such!" She was RN (registered nurse) which means income more than $50 000.

The above shows how deeply people here live in the material world. Working and working just to pay another bill coming- for all the luxury belongings, cars and houses they want to possess.

That was another reminder for me. To focus on the most important -

to start loving ALL!

with love


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