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4000+ free wallpapers nature, scenery, mountains, beaches, flowers and roses from the Philippine islands

A glimpse at God made beauty of nature

These computer wallpapers are all about the beauty of tropical nature, tropical islands and the beautiful Philippine islands and the Kingdom of Cambodia. The beauty of God's love is reflected in the beauty of our entire wild nature around us - God's creation is a reflection of his love for us - open your heart, open your eyes and realize how beautiful God's creation is and compare nature with man made cities and artificially created places to see where your healthy place to live would be. Look at the beautiful sceneries nature offers, look at the Billions of most beautiful flowers ... and feel that that extraordinary beauty is a tiny glimpse of God's beautiful love for you.

All wallpapers are from the Philippine islands - all wallpaper images/photos in format 1024x768px or all newest wallpapers in format 1600x1200px and matching all formats below:

These wallpapers are free for personal non-commercial use, any use on a website of any kind requires a commercial license !

Enjoy !!

Tropical Philippine islands desktop wallpapers

More than 4000+ beautiful high resolution photos

mango cut open pineapple

Tropical fruits wallpapers

Fruits Wallpaper

gerbera flowers wallpaper beautiful island wallpaper

Tropical nature sceneries

Beautiful Wallpapers

beaches wallpapers wallpapers beaches

Boracay beach

Boracay White Beach wallpapers

Ocean view scenery wallpapers Pacific Ocean beach

Pacific Ocean coast

Beach scenery

tropical island sceneries Island vegetation

Island vegetation

Tropical island vegetation

Ocean view scenery Ocean view scenery wallpapers

Ocean view sceneries

Ocean view scenery

Ocean views Island ocean view

Ocean view wallpaper

Ocean view

Ocean view scenery Ocean view scenery wallpapers

Boracay sceneries

Boracay sceneries

beach vacation vacation wallpapers

Beach vacation

Beach vacation

mountain scenery mountain wallpaper

Mountain scenery

Mountain scenery

Tropical Mountain scenery Mountain scenery

Tropical Mountain scenery

Tropical Mountain scenery

Tropical sky wallpapers Sky wallpapers

Sky wallpaper

Blue sky wallpaper

Coconut palms wallpapers Palms wallpaper

Palms Wallpaper

Palms Wallpaper

lush green tropical island lush green nature

Lush green nature colors
Green wallpapers from green tropical vegetation in Cambodia and Philippines.

Green wallpapers

Golf course wallpaper Golf wallpapers

Golf wallpaper

Golf wallpaper

Most popular wallpapers Most popular Philippine wallpapers

Most popular Philippine wallpapers

Most popular wallpapers

mini-roses mini-rose

Mini-roses wallpapers


rose roses

Beautiful roses

Roses wallpapers

White roses White roses

White roses

White roses wallpapers

Flower park Baguio city flower park

Flower park wallpapers

Flower park

Pink Anthurium flowers Tropical flower garden

Flower garden

Flower garden

Blossoming flowers wallpaper Blossoming flower wallpapers

Blossoming flowers

Blossoming flower wallpaper

Dark pink roses and Calla Lilies Colorful tropical flower wallpaper

Thousands of most beautiful tropical flower blossoms

Flower wallpapers

Beautiful tropical flowers Beautiful exotic flowers

Beautiful tropical flowers
Philippine islands most beautiful flower wallpaper

Flower wallpaper

Tropical flower garden exotic flowers - desert rose

Beautiful tropical flowers
Exotic flowers, Flower fields and tropical garden wallpaper

Tropical flowers

Red roses wallpaper white roses and pink roses wallpaper

Rose wallpapers

Rose wallpaper

Red, pink and white roses bouquet red roses

Mixed colors rose bouquets

Roses wallpapers

Sunset beach sunset

Sunsets with palm trees

Sunset with palms

Sunset boats Sunset Boracay island

Sunsets boats

Sunset boats

Butterfly Butterfly


Butterfly wallpapers

Love wallpapers Valentine wallpapers

Love wallpapers

Love wallpapers

God wallpapers God wallpapers

God wallpapers

God wallpapers
God is Love, God loves all ...

Most beautiful rose Beautiful rose wallpapers

Philippines most beautiful roses

Most beautiful roses

Christmas wallpapers Christmas wallpapers

Christmas time - holidays

Christmas wallpapers

Maligayang Pasko wallpaper Maligayang Pasko wallpaper

Philippine Christmas wallpapers - Maligayang Pasko

Maligayang Pasko wallpaper

Heart of Love

Wallpaper of Cambodia

These below wallpapers are all made in the beautiful tropical nature scenery of the Kingdom of Cambodia. More to come. Enjoy.

Purple lotus wallpaper white lotus wallpaper

Lotus wallpaper of Cambodia

Lotus wallpaper

Jungle of Cambodia wallpaper jungle wallpapers

Jungle of Cambodia
High resolution wallpaper

Jungle wallpaper

Beach wallpapers Beach wallpaper

Beaches of Cambodia

Beach wallpaper Cambodia

art wallpaper Khmer art Beautiful wallpaper Khmer art

Khmer art wallpaper

God's creation is colorful - such is his love for all of us

Widescreen wallpapers

I run laptops with Widescreen 16:10 ratio for my web publishing work, hence as a special gift to all computer professionals working like me mobile in a tropical island paradise with widescreen format desktop, you will find a large collection of high resolution free wallpapers from the most beautiful places I love in the tropical Philippine islands.

Click here to see the full collection of Free widescreen wallpapers in 1680x1050 or 1920x1200px
and high resolution HDTV widescreen 1080p wallpapers

God's creation is colorful - such is his love for all of us

Dual monitor wallpapers

dual monitor - jungle vegetation and nature

A new series of high resolution dual monitor background is available and may be extended as needed in the future. If you own a dual monitor in standard or dual widescreen format - have a look at the beautiful collection of dual monitor wallpapers in 3200x1200px or 4840x1200px widescreen format

God's creation is colorful - such is his love for all of us

Samsung Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Wallpapers
Wallpaper Samsung
Samsung Mobile Wallpapers
Galaxy Wallpapers
These high definition pictures are made in four different screen resolutions - 800x1280, 720x1280, 600x1024 and 480x800 pixels that will fit all existing Samsung Galaxy models and other mobile devices from Samsung. Please, click on the thumbnail with your corresponding size.
God's creation is colorful - such is his love for all of us

Nokia N900 wallpapers 800x480px

N900 wallpapers flowers
wallpapers flowers
N900 wallpapers ocean and beach
wallpapers ocean
wallpapers N900 roses
wallpapers roses
Enjoy Nokia N900 wallpaper collection
click on thumbnail left to view all images

Free Mobile wallpapers 320x240px

240X320px background images are matching the following mobile devices:

BlackBerry 8820, Panasonic VS2 VS3 VS6 VS7, Samsung SGH-U700 G600 i710 i400 P520 U600, Motorola ROKR E6 Moto Q 9h RAZR V3xx V8 V9, Nokia 6630, most iPAQ models and many other cellphone or PDA's.

Love roses Love roses Free mobile love wallpapers

Mobile love wallpapers

God's creation is colorful - such is his love for all of us

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Tropical wallpapers
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1080p wallpapers
Dual monitor
wallpapers tropical nature
Fondos de pantalla
Fondos de pantalla
Monitores duales
Fondos monitores duales naturaleza tropical
Hintergrundbilder 16:10
Hintergrundbilder 4:3
Fonds d'écran
Fonds d'écran
Écrans doubles
Fonds d'écran
Love hearts

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