Happy Family Life

Building together the basis of our new family project - the "All About Happy Life" - web site

Last few days my husband and me have spent day and night next to each other building with lots of love the basis of our new family project - the All About Happy Life - web site.

The domain name was a very spontaneous idea of my husband and the best Valentine's Day gift of love he could ever give me!

The more we work together the better i felt!

This project brought me back to life, it gave me the creative field i was dreaming about. I felt alive and full of energy to help my husband deal with the unpleasant problems of the web administration work.
Once in a while warm tears water my eyes and warmth melts in my heart:

Happy Hearts

"Dear God and my darling husband, thank you for giving me a new chance. Thank you for loving me so much and healing me with your sweet love!"

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