The Healing Source

Summer time in Florida, 2002. We just came back from the Philippines and .... but it is another story.

Briefly: no job, no money and no place to live in.

I started working for some of the labor pools here in Sarasota. The ones ever worked such job know that it is the lowest paid general labor. You go there early morning about 5 o'clock and wait there for someone from somewhere to call for laborers. Some days you can wait all day long for nothing. There is absolutely no guarantee you get something every day. And the money from it was enough only for food and to rent a room in a hotel or rooming house for me and my beloved wife (our daughters were in Bulgaria).

I was lucky to get a constant job for a few weeks. It was an order from a concrete plant. The job consisted of cutting heavy concrete blocks by chisel and rearranging them on palettes by hand. Very heavy physical work for 9 hours a day. And since the manager there liked my work he offered me to finish that order alone. So, I had a constant place to work and no hassles about living.

One day, early afternoon, one of the blocks turned and falling cut my lower left leg along the bone making 7-8 cm wound. Such wounds over the bone are usually hard to close and recover fast. I did not tell anybody, because it might cause loosing my 'lucky' chance. Of course, with such injury they will send you to the doctor where you get paid leave and you can even get more from the 'workers' compensation', but I did not want to do any of these. I wanted to keep my heavy work to become stronger and stronger.

So, I found some bandage, fastened my leg tightly and continued working. Because the wound was bleeding all the time I had to change my bandage every 30-40 minutes until the shift ended and I went 'home' ( at that time a hotel room ) where my loving wife was waiting for me. It is so beautiful to have a partner waiting for you with tender sweet love ;-).

Then we cleaned the wound and my wife offered me to try some healing. I laid down in bed and relaxed.
She put her hand over my leg slightly moving it and with closed eyes started the healing session. I also closed my eyes and focused in Kutashta. Soon I started feeling the energy flowing through my injured leg. In a few minutes when I opened my eyes it was done ;-). There was a fresh covering over the wound.

Next day I went to work as usual.

It was so simple as my wife said: "Open for God and let him do the rest".

Yes. It is simple - just go to the SOURCE.

with love

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