My Husband - my Healing Love

The healing power of my husband's love

It was a hot summer day in Florida.
We went to the beach. The water was warm and tender like a caress.

My husband took me on his shoulders and swam carrying me on his back.I felt I was as a burden for him and got the desire to learn to swim but when I got off and stepped on the bottom he hugged me and kissed me - he was happy.
I trusted him and surrendered to him in the water, then I felt as a happy woman and a loved wife of my man!

The same day in the evening I got a burning pain on my back just behind my heart and I asked my husband for help. He put his hand on my back and tried to relieve my pain.

Oh! What a great feeling - like a balm on a wound!

Just one touch of his and the energy started to flow inside my body - from my feet, from the end of my spine up through the top of my head. And my "throat chakra" started to rotate, then many other smaller chakras in my face - below my nose inside my mouth, into my tongue and also the big one on the middle of my forehead.

They turned and turned in a crazy, joyous dance!

I felt so happy and alive and took my time to enjoy.
Later i fell asleep and I woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling of earthquake - all my body was shaking but there was so much golden light into my head - I was inside this light with the feeling -

"I was myself"

August, 2002

Darling, i love you!

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