Parents and Children

Parents should promote the freedom and the independence of children

Parents have to learn to respect and promote the freedom of their children. Freedom in all aspects of life: freedom to choose friends, education and profession, freedom to leave home as soon as they are ready to make their living.

It is the parents duty to prepare their children for independent life. This process should start very early because even small babies watch and copy what they see. The best life education is the living example of mothers and fathers. A strong and happy relationship provides security for children and demonstrates how a loving and caring partnership should be.

Truly loving parents know how to raise happy and healthy kids. They provide a simple life close to the nature and spend lots of time together. Each child has an unique combination of creative skills which should be encouraged and developed.

In early age kids needs lots of love and attention - they learn by playing games and asking questions. It is fun for the whole family to spend time together playing, laughing, singing until all are happy. A happy family is the best spiritual environment for kids to grow healthy and strong and prepared one day to create their own happiness in life.

Kids grow up and become teens. And part of being a teen is developing a personal identity — one that may differ from their parents. It is absolutely normal for teens to create their own opinions, thoughts, and values about life - that is what prepares them for adulthood.

It is very important from early teenage kids to get involved in different household activities - cleaning, laundry, cooking. All needs to be for fun and done with joy rather than a duty. Parents should help their children to build a positive attitude in all they do.

Step by step kids are able to handle more and more responsibilities guided by wise parents - the more independent they grow the more freedom they gain.

Later at age of 15-16 teenagers could get a part time job until they finish school, then a full time job at age of 18. At this age they also learn to budget their money and set priorities in life. Then they are ready to start their own independent life and do what they love to do.

The relationship between parents and kids should be like between best friends with lots of love and care. Parents are expected to share with children all their experiences and knowledge and also give them different options and ideas to chose from. Staying connected, as kids approach the teen years and become more independent, may become a challenge for parents, but it's as important as ever. While activities at school, new interests and expanding social life become more important to growing children, parents are still the anchors, providing love, guidance, and support. That connection builds a sense of security and creates the balance children need to roll with life's ups and downs.

Some parents love to take full control and make all decisions disregarding the individual creativity and desires of the child. In such families teenagers very often rebel against and fight for freedom in different ways - skipping school, falling grades, tobacco, alcohol, or drug use. Some over-controlled kids grow weak and dependent, unable to make decisions and take responsibilities.

The best reward for mother and father is to see grown up kids building a strong love relationship and enjoying their own happy family life.

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