Florida Springs - clear blue water pictures

A collection of beautiful scenery pictures from several of Florida's most famous
crystal-clear fresh water springs

The wonder of Florida Springs

No place else in the world has the abundance of crystal clear springs such as we have here in Florida. Clear and pure water bubbles its way through Florida's porous limestone foundation. This pure excellent quality water gushеs out in a great flow, creating a wonderfully crystal clear blue spring pools and spring runs - outstanding water sceneries and unique experience for any water lover and water fun for kids and adults.

There are thousands of web pages over the Internet about Florida and its wonderful springs with tons of information. Our intention is just to share pictures taken at some of the springs in North and Central Florida and to fill the gap in picture information about these natural wonders.

Although pictures can give you pretty good idea on 'how it looks' the real experience of the springs is something beyond your expectations. It must be done with your physical body and felt with all your senses.

All of the pictures are in resolution 1024x768 pixels and can also be used as wallpapers for your desktop background. Just click on the thumbnails to see their full size.

Photos are grouped by the spring name and location. To navigate through them, please follow the links below - pictures or text.

Enjoy beautiful crystal-clear blue water photos!

Florida Springs
Florida Springs


Beautiful water park
Blue Spring in green forest
Blue Springs

Silver Glen Springs Water fun and recreation
Water fun for kids and adults

Beautiful water park
Beautiful water park
Rainbow Springs

Ginnie Springs Blue water scenes pictures
Blue water scenes pictures

Deep blue water plunge
Deep blue water plunge
Fanning Springs

Juniper Springs Natural swimming pool
Natural swimming pool

Healing salty water
Tropical gardens and birds
Silver Springs Park

Silver Springs Glass bottom boat cruise
Glass bottom boat cruise

Excellent recreational area
Excellent recreational area
Alexander Springs

Manatee Springs Fountain of youth
Fountain of youth

Healing salty water
Healing mineral water source
Salt Springs