Happy Marriage

Happy Marriage

We have been already 25 years together and our marriage has undergone many ups and downs, including small self created hells, on different locations and amidst different cultures to finally blossom as real happy marriage. After we have realized all mistakes from the past, it is now time to share some of our experiences and help you avoid the same mistakes in your own love relationship.

The chapter is just to elaborate this very important topic. You can also read some of ours Spiritual lessons of life to strengthen your marriage and improve your Family life.

Starting your love relationship

I am sure there are but few only, considering anything, before they start to even think about relationship and marriage. Most of us act too hastily and realize what is done facing the consequences afterwards. Some of the major common mistakes at the start might be:

  • sharing living quarters with parents

Parents' interference may ruin a love relationship within short period of time and thus cause damages for a life time. Parents are adults with their own lessons in life, their goals in life, their wishes, likes and dislikes, thoughts, actions etc. and spiritually there is absolutely no benefit from living together with parents.
Have your own, protected from outside influence and interference, place to live where you feed and care for your love on a daily basis.

  • buying property / house / car with morgage or loan

Widely spread in today's Western world, it could bring so much devastation and distress in a marriage, which can never be recovered after that.
I have seen young mothers, leaving a few week old babies, to work full time just because there is no other way to pay the huge bills ( house, car and other luxuries ). Any honest and stable job for the father is enough for the entire family to live simple and humble life and will allow the mother to take care of the children.

  • putting career and money above your family

The funny thing here is that most of us think " But if I have more money and high social status it will be better for my family." Absolutely wrong! If we are honest enough we see that all this is to satisfy our own ego.
Chasing career or money leaves little or zero time for family life hence no family.

  • arguments, quarrels, separate hobbies, personal friends etc. are but just few more to mention.

Life is going wrong direction - no more love relationship in marriage

As the life progressed, after the initial period when we still loved each other and could easily forgive each other, the more mistakes and problems were accumulated and we were drifting apart more and more. Each of us created own world to live in.

Until one day, when I clearly saw that I am in a position with no valuable goal and content in life. In other words - dead-end.

And as usually happens ( years later when I become aware of God's presense I realized that God is always closely watching all his children and doing the best for all ) the first serious warning came: close to death incident. Such warning calls for complete life review and change of direction.

This is how my search for God and my Spiritual awakening started and I was extremely lucky to find shortly a physical Guru, who himself had already achieved God-realization in this incarnation.

And to make the change really complete, we got the chance to move to another country and start everything from scratch - we won "green cards" and immigrated to USA.

Here we go! We started building our happy marriage and love relationship.

Visiting our Guru for spiritual marriage counseling and healing, practicing Kriya Yoga on a regular basis, following and applying in our life the complete Teachings of Love helped us to reach the point when we can state:
Happy Hearts
  • Happy marriage is when both partners have one common most valuable goal - God and Love

  • Happy marriage is when we love each other from the bottom of our hearts and help each other to join God's world of Love by the end of this incarnation

  • Happy marriage is when both parters are sexually satisfied - no open wishes left

  • Happy marriage is when we conduct simple and humble life without mortgages, loans and credit card debts

  • Happy marriage is when we have useful job and take care of others

  • Happy marriage is when we share with others and help others to find their way home in God

Happy marriage is but result of application of LOVE in our daily lives.

Happy Hearts

God bless all