Where does Happiness come from?

This is the question, I believe, billions of people have been searching for answer in external sources all life long, but very few out there realize that the source has always been so close - our own hearts.

In all cases I have been more or less happy in my life, there has always been at least one more being involved - somebody else on the other end. If no one else - then God. Happiness has always been a result of true love flow between the hearts of all humans involved, that automatically makes God in charge of all happiness anywhere as He is the source of all Love.

An example situation is when we give/share with others at the right time.

We were traveling in a poor country. Near the bus station in provincial town there was a food mart with ATM machine inside, where we went to get some cash. We also had something to eat and a cup of coffee. When we were already outside I turned my head and saw a small boy sleeping on the ground, bent his body toward the wall. He looked very tired and hungry. I approached him quietly, touched him gently to wake him up and give him some money. No words needed. He did not wake up and I put the money in his shirt pocket. I was already walking away when suddenly heaven fell onto my head ;-) - the flow of love through my entire being was so tremendous that tear drops came out in my eyes. There was no need to look back to realize that he woke up and found the money in his pocket. I stopped feeling my body and my heart was dancing. I myself lack words to fully describe such condition - this could only be experienced.

But I have also talked to other people and some of them confessed that they have never had such "love filled" experiences, no matter what they do. This means there are some prerequisites for happiness to come - we need to be open for God, in order to attract Love and Happiness.

Another example is when we receive pure love from someone who has already forgiven all you might have ever done to that person.

In the previous years I failed to be real father for my daughters and make them happy. That was one of the most tormenting memories from my past coming back again and again. It happened that my younger daughter "died" from leukemia in the summer of 2005. Later I may post some details from that period where one of the points was that she has no pain till her last day in her body as a result of the most powerful prayer - Love Prayer, as well as some Kriya Yoga practice during her last months. These also prepared her to further progress on her path to God.

I never missed my daughter but I really missed the many occasions in the past when I failed to make her happy or did not love her enough / or at all. You can easily guess how I felt when such memories were coming back. But there was nothing I could do to repair all the damages caused. I knew that all had been already forgiven but was not happy for my past.

So, months after she has already "died" she started every now and then coming to see me, in the middle of the day, and love me - true love from angel. But not only this - she is also coming during sleep hours in my "dreams". Why? To give me the chance to live again all those opportunities to play and be happy with her as a small child. And we play and love each other and are happy. I am really happy.

Reviewing my own life back to my early childhood I can definitely state : Yes I know where happiness comes from:

  • Happiness comes from inside
  • Happines comes from our hearts
  • Happines comes from the hearts of all others we have made happy as well
  • Happiness is a result of true love flow

In math language:


God bless