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Cheating husband – what is the solution?

Cheating husband – very common situation all over the world that can easily end up with divorce. Most of the women, if not all, in such situation search for advice from their female friends or relatives and what they get may be more or less wrong.

Why? Because of the war between male and female world since thousands of years.

We had such situation many years ago and it was automatically solved after Spiritual marriage counseling done by a true expert. Happy life was the result and I have never been attracted by another woman ever since.

Now, a brief marriage counseling below.

To all women who are in the this position:

“Did you ever ask your husband what he would love to receive from you as a woman and how?”

If not, please do it. Make sure you have the most loving attitude and ask your him about all his dreams and desires. But before doing that, be honest and answer the questions:

“Do I love this man from the bottom of my heart? Do I want to forgive everything and anything? Am I ready to give him all?”

If your answer is positive, then just turn into sweet and loving wife ready to say “yes” anytime and you get back the best husband in the world. I assure you. Your happy life is just a second away from your “YES”.

If your brain, for any reason, prevents you from giving all to your husband anytime, or you are too proud to do so, then sign a divorce paper and give your husband freedom. This might be the most loving act you have eve done for him.

The lines below is my wife’s part of this marriage counseling:

If your husband is cheating, it is a warning that you fail to make him happy and truly love him. You have to understand with your heart what he is seeking outside your marriage. If you love this man and you feel you still want to spend your life with him in happiness just forgive him all now and attract him back in your home and in your heart with sweet angel love. Just say:

“Honey, I love you, I have been always loving you and I want to love you forever with all my heart and soul!”

Men are just like us women – human beings with hearts and souls hungry for love and care. Love each other again and dissolve the past mistakes in the power of your love – this is just the way we learn and spiritually progress to grow stronger in our hearts.

I love you card

God bless you

galina and georgi

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