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Ignoring God’s Guidance and the consequences

Years ago, when I started being aware of God’s guidance and God’s presence in my life, I was amazed how many people, or circumstances, could have been involved for a single event to happen within certain time frame. And it was just for me, to ease my life and give me another chance to progress. And I never thought that being guided by God might also affect other people in a different way and I often ignored such clear guidance and did the things my own way. Until early February 2010, when I faced two-choice situation and despite the clear message which one to choose, that I received in my mind, I decided to opt for the second choice and ended up in a serious incident, that caused many troubles for me and some other people. Then I realized that ignoring such guidance may have serious consequences and could cause pain and troubles not only to me but to others as well. The following story will illustrate how other people can even suffer from ignoring God’s guidance.

Recently we participated in a special spiritual retreat conducted by Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love. The retreat location was a small tropical island, off Southern Cambodian coast, and part of the preparation before departure was to set a small first aid kit in case of emergency. Since I already knew that there are some poisonous animals there, like scorpions and spiders, I included a tube with black drawing salve, Ichthammol, well known to me from the past. I got an idea to buy one more tube of this ointment, but when I visited the pharmacy few more times to buy different things I always forgot to buy Ichthammol. Hours before our departure I decided that one tube is plenty and did not go to the pharmacy anymore. After our arrival on the island I found there a person with large open wound above the ankle – his foot was blue-red from the poison inside the foot, with several blisters in the front. I offered my help and gave him the tube with Ichthammol from my first aid kit. After a few days treatment there was significant improvement in the condition and one more tube of the ointment could have healed the foot completely. And because there was no such ointment in the entire country, that person needed to suffer for few more weeks until we got back home and I sent some ointment by courier.

Conclusion: God’s guidance is precious and should not be easily wasted. It is for our own safety and well-being, as well as for all others we meet or we have connection with. Disregarding this guidance, however, may cause problems, pain and suffering to ourselves, other humans or any other being.

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