God is Love

God is the source of Love

God is Love - means God is only love - nothing but love - Love is all God ever offers you whatever you do.

God love - divine love can but heal.

God's divine love can but free you.

Heart of Love

God is Love

Also means whatever you have done - God has dissolved it already in his love even BEFORE you do it, because God knew in advance what all you are going to do.

God created you out of pure divine love. God made you to his image and in love with you.

God made you to love you - to love you means to always love you - when you leave him as much as when you return.

God made you to love because you are a being of love - made of love and made to learn to love.

To learn to love requires experiences - God knows that - because God is more than love - God is wise love.

Heart of Love

God is Love

To learn to love requires mistakes - mistakes are nothing else but experiences beyond the limits of love.

To know eternally where the limit of God love - of divine love is - you need to exceed the limits to know the limits of love !

All children make mistakes - and all parents know that in advance and all parents keep on loving their beloved children of love !

So does God - because God is love !

Heart of Love

God is Love

The most powerful mantram on your last journey home to God.

God's love is all that can free you - and God love for you is infinite - God love for you always has been infinite.

God is love means God can free you from all karma, from all problems - to make you truly free of all and bring you home into his divine heart of love.

To allow God's love to love you free - to heal you - you need to surrender all to God. All.

Heart of Love

There is but ONE God

God is:
The creator of all creators
The source of all sources
The source of all love
The father of all fathers
There is and always was but ONE God
and that one God is Love

If you have a cultural or religious problem with the word "God" - then use Love instead of God and the result shall be the same. God is Love. If you focus on Love, you find your way home to God. If you focus on God, you find your way to the source of all Love.

Heart of Love

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