The Most Beautiful Soul

Once I asked God:

-Dear God, please, tell me what is
between You and my Beloved Gurudeva?
It should be His soul?!

My Divine Father came early in the morning and knocked on the door of my soul:

-Knock, knock! It's time for Kriya!"

I was still sleepy but i said:


I took a cool shower and started.

Then He told me:

-I love all my children, all of them are made of my love. Each one is like a flower...

I felt like flying and i asked Him:

-Please, do some "OM"s for me!

He did some, and my tears flew out-

His "OM"s were so sweet, like a warm, tender kiss on a flower.

Then... for less then a second God allowed me to take a look into His soul.

Oh! My breath stopped!

Plenty of love, rainbow of lights,
any kind of knowledge,
every where- in and around,
every thing and all.
But there is no end, no limits, no even a soul!!!
There is but God descending into HIM!

I am in His heart, there where i have ever been,
but now
I feel His fresh, cool breath onto my face,
I feel so much love that makes me faint.
I feel His vibration working into my brain
and above my stomach.

I enjoy the lights play, I absorb His love
and relax in His sweet bliss.

If I have any problem - I take some love!
If I have any fear - I ask God for help!

I can talk, ask, listen, have advice, suggestion
and also a tough lesson, ;)
sometimes also fun - smile and laugh together!

It is joy and fun to be Alive!
To be in L♥ve with Guru!
To be in L♥ve with God,
to be in L♥ve with All!
With L♥ve, for L♥ve forever!

i love GOD!

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