Granada Islets

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Isletas de Granada - boat tour

Tour to and around 'Las Isletas de Granada' is offered by all agencies and most of the hotels and hostels here for $15-20 per person this tour includes: boat riding amidst the islets with landing on most important of them, visiting local families, lunch (cost not included in the tour price), swimming, watching some of the habitants - birds, fish, monkeys. Tour starts by car/minivan from the city to port Cabana Amarilla where different sizes motor boats are available.
Puerto Cabana Amarilla Departure from puerto Cabana Amarilla
Las Isletas are small volcano islets 'created' thousands of years ago by Volcano Mombacho after one of the erruptions caused the North East wall to collapse into the lake. There are over 360 small islands - most of them covered with lush green vegetation. Some of the islets are big enough for just one family home others even smaller and not populated at all.
One island - one family home One island - one family home!

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Amidst the islets Las Isletas
Granada Islets On some bigger islets hotels and private vacation houses are built.
The old Fortress of San Pablo, built in the 18th century in order to protect Granada from pirates Old fortress in Granada Islet
Monkey Island Guess where we've just got? Yes, you're right! This is the Monkey Island.
Time for lunch - there is also a restaurant-island.
Volcano Mombacho The Father of all islets - Volcano Mombacho

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