The Star of Bethlehem

It was a hot tropical night in Philippines. My mind was in peace, my body a little bit weak but all my being surrendered to God and to my Divine Guru.

I felt might flows of love along my body - from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top- two flows of Divine love - the first one healing me and warming my heart and my soul, the second one uplifting me to the heavens.

I fell asleep in this pink light of love and He came - the Divine Lover - in a form of pure white light. All my being started crying:

"I love you so much! I love you so much!"

I wanted Him extremely - it was much more than a sexual desire - it was a longing for a complete oneness. My soul was starving to join Him.
Then for my great surprise instead of exiting, my being entered into my body. Inside it was warm and full of this pink light. At the very bottom of my body this light concentrated in form of small pink balls. These balls started rotating faster and faster, like small engines and briefly turned off to transfer their energy to the next pink thing on my navel, it started turning like a pink fan and after swift speeding all the light and energy was uplifted to my forehead, leaving all my body dark and empty:

-Why this empty body is still breathing?

But I have no time to stop it - He was waiting for me.

I was a small sparkling ray and I was still crying:

"I love you so much! I love you so much!"

He was just in front of me- a bright shining star of Love - the Star of Bethlehem.

-How to exit?

I saw the smiling face of my dear Guru inside the star and I remembered - there is just one door to God - on the top of my head.

-Go ahead!

Suddenly I was woken up by a loud thunder. I opened my eyes and I saw its light. It might be very close -

My star split the skies to announce my love to God!

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