Bow to the Feet

Bow to the Feet of a street beggar

She was sitting on the ground, on a clean white carton - a small girl, the age of my daughters - 16-17, so young and already a street beggar.

Her body, relaxed and almost asleep attracted me like a magnet, her purity and innocence touched my heart, like Mother Mary was inside her.

-Oh my God, she might be here just waiting for me!

I bowed on my knees deep to her feet and felt warm waves going along my body - from the feet to the head, and i saw a purple light at the middle of my forehead, then i felt a flow of love and relief.

I stood for a while, enjoying the new feeling my heart was able to feel.
Then I got up and gave her a bill. She said nothing but gave me the sweetest smile, a ray of Divine light that went deep in my heart.

November, 2001

It was just the beginning of the many magic events
that my Divine Father is giving me continuously
to help me to open my heart to love more and more and to love all.

Angels are REAL!