Divine Healing- Miracles of Love in my heart


The first days of our vacation in Bali Hai Beach Resort ( Bauang, La Union, Philippines), Georgi and me we really enjoyed being together all the time.
It was time just for us- time for love- all day, all night...- only for love and happiness.

One morning I got up with the feeling of being "not good enough" for my husband.
Hans immediately felt it and gave the advice to do more kriya yoga.

Next day I was in a good mood again and then Hans offered to give me a massage.

Georgi came with me to Hans' room

When I was relaxed enough Hans started to massage my back, teaching Georgi how to do it!

Every touch was a balm that caressed the wounds of my heart!

Hans asked me:

"What happened to your father?"

"He died"

- was my answer and wave of sorrow squeezed my throat.

Then Hans gently touched my head and said:

"He is dead in your mind only!"

Then in my mind I sow the face of my father, smiling at me,
deep inside my heart I cried: ''I love you, I love you, I love you.."
and his love went deep inside my soul healing all the pain of missing him!

Warm tears watered my eyes and the burning feeling was washed away!

Few years ago Hans brought my husband back in my heart
now he brought back my father - back in my heart where he belongs forever!

Now in these tough moments of our family life I know and feel my father is also here to support and love us all!

I love GOD!

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