Happy People Love to be active in life

It is easy to love and admire the hard workers
but it is a real challenge to catch up and be alike!

There have been always people in my life who know how to work hard, how to be useful as much as possible for their family and their employer. Those people are usually always smiling, always ready to help before you even ask them. Those people are the one every body loves to meet and enjoy to work and live with.

One such person is my coworker- Martha. She has big family- 6 children, 7 grand children and 13 gray grand children. And she has been working for the same place for more then 25 years- few months ago she had got a special reword for dedicated service

Her family is big but in her heart she has space to be a real mother for much more children- babies, adults and old, lost and dying ones.

Night time she works in the nursing home, day time she keeps 2-3 babies at home while the parents work. And the weekend she always has some spare time to spend with her church group.

So she is busy day and night, sleeps only if no body needs her, always ready to take an extra shift or another baby at her home. May be she is tired sometimes but she is always smiling her face always radiates this magic attractive light that makes all of us to love and admire her.

It is easy to love, enjoy and admire such people like her but it is a real challenge to catch up and be alike!

For Christmas I ask her if she feels lonely without husband, she said: "I am never alone, God is always with me and God never leaves me!"