Natural Healing Technique for Skin Burn

Simple Healing Technique for Skin Burn based on the natural principal of the balance of the three elements -
Fire, Water, Air

How i cured my burnt hand for just couple of hours applying the Healing Technique for sunburn, i had learned from our spiritual master Hans

Hans taught us how to naturally heal serious sunburns by applying water and air to balance the excess of fire - sunburn in his example

Yesterday i was busy in my kitchen cooking 2-3 meals at the same time and i grabbed the handle of the pan i had taken out of the oven just minute ago. I looked at my fingers - the thumb and the index of my left hand white spots on the skin like grilled. The burnt skin was still numb but i got so upset, because i knew from experience it would take days till i could again use my burnt fingers

Then my husband reminded me about the above technique we had learned from Hans - how to cure sunburn and i decided to apply the same for my "kitchen" burnt - cause is the same - excess of fire.

After few seconds the burning pain started and i put my hand under running cool water then i took a bottle of water and went out on fresh air. I was walking around the community rinsing my hand with water and enjoying the fresh breeze that was cooling down the burnt skin of my hand. I was doing the same procedure for more then 2 hours - rinsing with fresh cool water, airing and praying for help.

Suddenly in my mind popped up "Thank You, Jesus!" and i started chanting "Thank You, Jesus!" the way i have seen some old ladies doing it with devotion. Tears watered my eyes - Thank You, Jesus for all You do for me just from Love

I touched my fingers - the burnt skin felt numb no more pain. I went back home and shared my joy with my husband. Few hours later i was in the kitchen and cooking lunch and the night i went to do my shift at the nursing home were i need my both healthy hands

I shared my experience with the nurse - she said that my cure was a 'Blessing'

From my experience as a medical doctor i know how painful and difficult is to cure burns

I would love to spread this healing technique so it could help many, many people - save them pain, time and money and bring them the Blessing of the Nature and Jesus

with all my heart