Happiness and Death

What is the relation between happiness and death?

This was the question I found in Yahoo!Answers India while I was searching Google to give title to my publication. For me the answer is very simple: "The relation between happiness and death is the most direct possible - Death is the door to God hence it is the door to happiness. Period."

For most of us, living in deep spiritual ignorance on this planet, happiness and death are contradictory things: happiness can only exists before death occurs.

Can parents' death result in happiness for their children?

And here is the story:
This Friday I got SMS from my sister in Bulgaria to call my parents when I have a chance. And so I did when I was back home. My father picked up the phone and said that my mother does not feel good for the last few days. And he also confessed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2002 ( this is my father's style to keep things in secret) and since then our friend, who is a homeopath, has taken care of her. But at this moment the healer was away and my father said: "I do not know what to do." I felt instantly that now is time to talk to him about death, but he strictly refused. Then I asked him to talk to my mother and asked my father and my sister to leave her alone - I knew the influence my father had over my mother all these years and that in his presense she speaks the way to only please him. She had nearly zero in her life and marriage and it was of utmost importance to properly prepare herself for the approaching death.

From all my past experiences, face to face with my mother, whenever I started serious topics like death, sexuality, spirituality, partnership, happiness etc., she had always turned her eyes down to avoid such talks. But this time was very different from the beginning. She said that she has pain in her leg and can not walk, but when lying in the couch it is ok ( this point is very important to get prepared for our last journey - under pain could be difficult ), and that she hoped to live a bit longer. "Why do you want to stay in a body like that?" was my reaction. And then we talked about freedom without physical body, about God, love and happiness waiting on all of us one day when we all are ready to join our divine family. And I also told her to immediately start preparing herself " Please, review all your life starting from the years you have conscious memories and ask forgiveness from all those people you somehow hurt physically or mentally, no matter whether they are alive or not, and also forgive all those who might have hurt you one way or another. Just get in peace with all, not only the human beings, but all creatures." And I told her to immediately start the most powerful mantram "God is Love" and repeat it for all the remaining time. That was all - all the talk took some 13-14 minutes.

You may ask where I know all this from. I know this by practicing and applying in my life "Jesus Teachings of Love". Next morning I translated the "Love Prayer" in bulgarian language and sent it by mail. The two nights I prayed to God: "Dear God, please save my mother some physical suffering and let her go as soon as possible." Yes, I was praying for my mother to die. No doubts. I know that God's mercy and grace are infinite and God can arrange the best for all. I have done for 5 years nursing assistant jobs and I have been in many dozens of nursing homes - places of extreme pain and suffering. The fear of death causes people to stay in crashed and decaying bodies at any price.

Sunday morning I started my regular kriya yoga session with mind full of peace and when around noontime my phone rang I already knew what it was about. My father said that my mother died 2 hours ago. Bliss started flowing through all my body filling my heart with joy. "And now what?" - i asked my father. "What are you going to do from now?". "Nothing." - he said - "So big sorrow. I have no life force left." That's it! No more happiness in life after partner's death.

This is how exactly we are on here earth. Just imagine that you are terminally ill under terrible pain. And suddenly miracle - you are released from the body and no more pain and suffering and much more freedom comparing to ones left behind. How would you feel yourself? Happy? Of course, yes. And how big our ego is to be in sorrow for the ones already on the way to their happiness. Any death is a chance for the dying ones to progress toward God depending on preparation and readiness. And our own duty is to support those souls rather than pulling them back in hell.

But now back to my father. I tried to explain him exactly the same way as in the above lines, but he did not seem to understand it. Then I asked him whether he wants to do one last thing in favor of my mother - to creamate the body and thus leave one attachment less for her. But he answered that he already arranged the funeral and can not imagine to go against all people there. And when I told him that for the right thing one should be able to stand agains all the world if necessary, he agreed, but after a while he said that he discussed this with my sister and they want to do funeral. At this point we finished.

As usually goes with me, when I am happy I want to share my feelings with other people. But who else can accept this my way if not my wife. She was at work and called to tell her the good news. "O-o-o," - was her reaction - "that is why i saw her last night surrounded by golden light. She came to us to say how much she loves us."

Can parents' death result in happiness for their children?

Yes. If we open our hearts for our parents, happiness is the result for their progress toward our all eternal home in God.

Another miracle, another gift from God in my life.


P.S.: Tuesday late night I got confirmation that my mother stepped on her way to God, which brought so much long lasting happiness into my heart.

I Love You