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Click here to view the complete collection of more than 4000+ standard format tropical wallpapers - or widescreen wallpapers with beautiful high resolution photos from the most beautiful tropical views from the Philippine islands. Themes: Most beautiful beaches, Boracay, Philippine's exotic beaches, tropical nature, scenery, mountain sceneries, ocean view, blue water, tropical flowers, exotic orchids, Philippine art, palms, sunsets, boats, colorful roses, island life, island vegetation and more ....

All dual monitor wallpapers are in format 3200x1200px or in dual widescreen monitor format 3840x1200px

All sizes below are in width x height

The dual monitor format is an exact match for all monitor-resolutions:

The widescreen dual monitor format is an exact match for all monitor-resolutions:

Dual monitor nature wallpapers - Tropical nature Dual monitor nature wallpapers

The starting point for this wallpaper series is Sabang Beach - a small tourist village on Mindoro island, Puerto Galera - Philippines. Click this link to view all of these more than 2 dozen dual monitor nature wallpapers.

Dual monitor nature background - Ocean view Dual monitor nature backgrounds - Sabang Beach - Puerto Galera

Ocean view wallpaper

Blue ocean view - dual screen wallpapers Ocean view nature scenery - dual monitor wallpaper

Beautiful ocean view high resolution photos from tropical ocean scenery Mindoro island - Philippines. Dual screen ocean view wallpaper.

Ocean view dual monitor widescreen wallpaper Ocean view dual widescreen wallpaper

Island beach dual monitor wallpaper

Blue ocean view - dual screen wallpapers islands beaches - dual monitor wallpaper

Beautiful Calamianes islands beach wallpapers. Coron, Palawan - Philippines most beautiful island beach wallpaper.

Tropical Sky Background

Dual monitor background Tropical sky Dual screen wallpapers

Beautiful sky photos from Philippine islands sunny tropical island skies. Sky Dual Screen Wallpaper.

Dual screen widescreen wallpaper Tropical Sky Background

Roses Dual Monitor Backgrounds

Peach and pink roses - Dual monitor wallpaper Orange roses - Dual screen wallpaper

Beautiful roses - dual monitor wallpapers - Dual screen backgrounds with high resolution rose photos from Philippine mountain roses. Ambassadors of love to help you refocus on the only truly important value in life - love.

Red roses - dual monitor widescreen wallpaper Pink and red roses - dual widescreen monitor wallpaper

How to download and install your dual monitor wallpaper to your desktop ?

All operating systems - to get your preferred wallpaper on your computer desktop, follow below simple instructions:

First click on the wallpaper-thumbnail of your choice, then wait until the full size background image is fully downloaded into your browser, then follow the details below according to your Operating System:

Windows Instructions:
Right-click the downloaded full size wallpaper and select "set as wallpaper" or "set as background." on newer versions of Windows.

Mac Instructions:
Hold down the mouse button until a pop-up menu appears. Choose "download image to disk." Once the image is saved, use the Appearance Control Panel to make it into a desktop background image.

Linux instructions:
Right-click the downloaded full size wallpaper and select "set as background.".

God's creation is colorful - such is his love for all of us

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