Las Penitas - fisherman village with large ocean beach

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Las Peñitas beach resorts and tourist attractions

Las Peñitas is a small fishermen village on the Pacific oceanside in Nicaragua. There is a wide beach and the ocean is rich in fish and seafood.
Located just 25 kilometers from León this is León's favorite weekend place. Las Peñitas
Las Peñitas The front beach places are already occupied with hotels, resorts and private vacation houses: On the back of the pictures you see one of the most developed resorts - "Barca de oro"
Next resort is "Casa Patricia" with nice spacious guest house and small cute restaurant-bar on the beach with excellent cuisine. Las Peñitas
Las Peñitas This open air restaurant still belongs to local nica people.
You can order in here fresh fish from the same day catch.

The fisherman usually get nice big fish like this "Boca colorada" on the picture below: Boca colorada
Another hotel much closer to the waves of the ocean is El Oasis. It is a small cute rancho style place where many young people come to spend the weekend.
One can enjoy the breeze and the great view from the top terrace, swing on the hammocks or sunbathe.
Las Peñitas
Horseriding at Las Peñitas Horseriding

Horse lovers can rent a horse and ride along the wide beach.
Experienced surfists from all over the world come at Las Peñitas to surf the waves of the Pacific ocean. In the evening it is the best time to admire their performance.
Surfing at Las Peñitas
In the evening many people go to hotel Suyapa Beach - the biggest restaurant in Las Peñitas that has the capacity for about 100 guests with gourmet cuisine - expert chefs and rich menu - differant fish and seafood dishes, pork, beef, chiken to please everybody's taste.

Meals are big served with rice, mashed potatoes and the salad of the day.

Once we found this place we were happy to enjoy it every evening and contamplate the golden sunset - a perfect background for a romantic dinner.
Great meal at Suyapa Beach
Golden sunset at Las Peñitas

Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado

Juan Venado Island Natural Reserve To explore the wildlife of Juan Venado reserve we rented a boat trip on the estuary waters that separate the sandy island from the main land.
Both sides mangrove forest - curious exotic flora and fauna.
We saw different rare birds and strange kind of hanging nests. Hanging bird nest

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