Estelí - a beautiful city in northern mountains of Nicaragua

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Estelí is located in the northern part of Nicaragua - 150 km from Managua. It is a big mountain city on an altitude of 800 meters above sea level surrounded by forested mountains and plateaus which causes its pleasant climate. Natural mountain reserves around the area attract many tourists

For tourists Estelí offers good accommodation and variety of food. There are luxury expensive hotels and more simple, cheaper hotels and hostels like the place we spend 2 nights at - Hostel Luna - it is very clean like brand new, cute with little patio, free internet, free organic coffee, hot water showers, cable TV room and its own restaurant - Cafe Luz that has international menu. The owner Jane is British and she is ready to give you all information you need about Estelí. She gave us the idea to go to La Casita to have lunch there and find also what we were looking for - beautiful flowers for pictures.

La Casita - botanical garden and cafe

It was a real pleasure to spend some hours in this beautiful place.
First we tried their home-made whole wheat bread and cheese - both taste delicious and go perfect with nicaraguan coffee and fresh fruit juice.
They also offer home-made yogurt - plain or with fruit and honey.

La Casita - Estelí La Casita - Estelí

After this simple but very tasty and nutriciouse lunch we walk around the garden and admired the beauty of many differant tropical flowers, trees, plants and garden arrangements.

La Casita - Estelí

La Casita is located at the sought end of the city on the pan american highway few hundred meters from the hospital where the last stop of the public bus is. You can also take a taxi - all taxi-drivers know La Casita. On your way back to the center of the city you will need to walk to the hospital take the bus or another cab.

Next day we visited another tropical paradise - El Vivero - a big garden nursery with beautiful flowers and plans

bright red hibiscus tropical garden

El Vivero is located close to the central part of Estelí - few blocks on west across the river.

Notes from our Nicaragua travel and vacation:

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