Masaya is one of the greatest shopping place in Central America

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The city of Masaya is the heart of Nicaraguan craft arts and folklore.
The natural reserves and parks around attract many tourists

Masaya is situated between Managua and Granada in rich agricultural region. With its central position and comunications Masaya became one of the bigest commercial center in Nicaragua. This lovely city is the very heart of Nicaraguan folklore and crafts.

Masaya's Craft market

Masaya's Craft market (Mercardo de Artesanias) is the largest and the richest in Nicaragua. This famous tourist attraction located in the center of the town in garden-like area with shaded and well-tended spaces overflow with colorful goods - each one a unique peace of art, created with love and inspiration - painted pots and ceramic, wood carvings, masks...

Masaya's Craft market
Masaya's Craft market

embroidered traditional clothing, fabric bags, hats as well as the famous hammocks produced in one particular neighborhood in the city of Masaya as small-scale family business.

This is a perfect place to get some Nicaraguan souvenirs - abundance, variety and bargain prices.

In here also every Thursday evening you can visit La Verbena - a cultural event including traditional dances and other festivities.

Masaya's shopping

shoping street in Masaya

One of the commercial streets

The city itself has footwear and clothing industry. The shopping streets in the central area are lined by endless clothing and shoe and many other colorful bigger or smaller stores. You can find anything.

El Parque Central

The Central Park of Masaya is a charming place - flowers, fountains, greenery inviting for a rest under the shades.

Central Park of Masaya El parque central de Masaya
Open air restaurant Open air restaurants cook charcoal grilled meet and seafood.

There we had the most delicious grilled shrimps, served as shrimp cocktail.
shrimp cocktail
charcoal grilled shrimps

The famous Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío christened Masaya - the City of the Flowers and he was talking about the girls, not the flora

Around Masaya are also some natural reserves:

flower girls

Notes from our Nicaragua travel and vacation:

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