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Recipe for a happy life – honeymoon

We all know how important a timely and proper maintenance is for all tools and equipment we use for our work as well as for our living quarters and many other things in our lives. The same maintenance is also valid for our happy life and is done by “honeymoon” for all busy city people, working in stressful and polluted environment away from nature.

Honeymoon is a great “tool” for refreshing and re-establishing your happy life and is advised to be used on a regular basis.

Depending on your budget and preferences, honeymoon location could be an exotic Philippine island, green mountains in Nicaragua or any other place in the nature. The location has to be something both partners fully agree on. Avoid crowds and commercialized tourist destinations – all you need is but peace to make honey-love freely flow.

During your honeymoon do what you both love to do most together. Put away your watches, cell phones, laptops or other distractive gadgets. Forget your schedules and appointments. Forget about “civilization” – you can easily live without TV and newspapers and be more happy. Take all your time for each other and love each other anytime, any place.

Talk to each other and tell each other all that is important and has been withheld past months or years. Make sure there is nothing hidden or unspoken left between you two. Clear anything and everything with love.

Set a common and true goal in your life, if you have not already done, and commit to each other to achieve this goal side by side in good and bad times.

Of course, the best honeymoon would be if it is combined with spiritual retreat to speed up your spiritual development. Because God should be part of your relationship. Happy life is just impossible without God, since God is the source of all Love and happiness is but a result of applied love.

The text below is my wife’s share for this recipe:

Honeymoon is time to be spoiled with love – give each other a sweet, gentle massage or a bath; spend time in nature: swim in clean water, walk in a forest; eat fresh fruit and vegetables of your choice. Have fun together – dancing, singing, play your favorite music or enjoy the songs of the birds.

Happy life

beach for two

May love prevail and your life be always happy!

galina and georgi

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