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How to overcome bureaucracy obstacles for issuing important documents

I am sure that many people have faced bureaucracy at least ones in their lives and have gotten frustrated with the time frames set by our governments to issue certain papers – especially when those papers are needed urgently. Often such cases turn to insuperable obstacles and make people miss important thing in life.
Is there a way to overcome such obstacles? Yes.
Here is the story:
Mid June my wife received reply to her application with the local hospital in one of the French overseas departments in Indian ocean – Mayotte. Ironically, it came while we were abroad for one week. Within hours all arrangements from the hospital were completed, including contract sent by email, when suddenly we got message from the Physician board in Mayotte that one important paper is missing to complete registration there. Without such registration doctors can not work. These papers are issued by Bulgarian Ministry of health and the fastest procedure lasts 10 business days. To save the contract we had one week – to gather some other papers first, then go to Ministry of health and finally to another government body. In other words we had 24 hours to make it done in the Ministry of health.

I am aware for a long time that there is a solution to just anything in life, readers of Spiritual Treasures know this, and made all necessary steps to contribute myself to such solution i.e. to love all government employees and pray to God to arrange the necessary meetings. The point is that no matter how many people are involved in preparing one paper, all these people work in one and the same building and actually it is a matter of an hour or so to finish all work. Another old teaching from Spiritual Treasures is: always go to the “boss” – the highest possible authority. In our case the goal was the minister or the person, who sings the paper – one of the deputy ministers. It is important when we pray to God to also tell God our precise goal.

Wednesday, early afternoon, we submitted at the reception of the ministry what was needed and went out, in front of the building. My wife started immediately calling the secretary to arrange meeting with the minister. Many high rank politicians have their secretaries more like guardian dogs rather than to let people have access to them. And that was the case for us. After few phone calls and waiting more than an hour we walked away to find something to eat. After a while, I told my wife that it is time to go back to the building. When approaching the ministry we past by a black Mercedes parking in front of the building. At this very moment a person came out of the car to walk in the building. Since I was looking at the opposite direction I did not see what happened but my wife stopped and said: “That was the minister, I should have talked to her”. One second hesitation and the chance was gone. I was sure the minister could have arranged, simply by order, the paper to be issued right way. So, we had the second option – the person signing those papers. My wife called his secretary and explained the situation. This time she had an angel on the other side, who promised to prepare all and when her boss is back to get it signed. It happened next day. We saved the contract and my wife got the job in Mayotte.

Conclusion: To overcome obstacles in our lives we need to apply love – there are human beings with hearts and souls at any place, including governments. What they need is to be loved, as all of us.

God bless


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