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Christmas Preparation

This year 2011 we made a big change in our life – we left the US after 11 years spent there.
At the end of March I returned back to our home country Bulgaria. The reason was my open wish to practice again my profession as a pediatrician.

On the 2nd of May I already started a job in the children department of a hospital – so my wish was realized very soon. Now I am working there being on duty 24 hours 12 to 15 days a month.

In the middle of May my husband returned to Bulgaria also and we settled down in a village where our life is simple and close to nature.

There was another challenge waiting for me in Bulgaria. I knew I had karma to dissolve in person because it was like an illness deep inside:

For many years I had been angry with my mom. Far away in the US I was suppressing this feelings but now, with my return to Bulgaria I needed to face her and get in peace. This appeared to be kind of a problem for me and for a short while I was obsessed by this painful feeling intensively then I had the strong desire to get healed – I did pray to God and focused on love and finally it was all dissolved.

Love wallpaper

May Love fill our hearts and heal our souls

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